Permanent Exhibitions


The From then to Now

From a replica of Henry Ford’s 1896 Quadricylce built form the original plans, to the brand new FG Falcon. Our facinating display showcases the evolution of automotive transport through the eyes of Ford Australia. read more

Ford Australia

Ford in Australia

See and learn about the introduction of Ford into Australia and focusing on Geelong and the reasons behind the expansion in the area and development of manufacturing in the region experience the local transformation of a global company. read more


The Design Studio

The Ford Discovery Centre Design Studio takes you on a journey behind the usually high security for an educational journey on how vehicles are designed. Using the latest in technology Ford’s talented design full vehicles and components years in advance of them hitting the showrooms. read more

assembly line

The Assembly Line

Henry Ford invented the moving assembly line, today it has been refined using state of the art mechanics, and electronics to help build quality vehicles with ease. Visitors to the Ford Discovery Centre can install powertrains into the engine bays of new vehicles in this educational interactive display. read more

Interactive Cutaways

Interactive Cutaways
Have you ever thought about what is inside your car or how new technology works? See displays of interactive cutaways highlighting a behind the scenes look at how your cars work. read more

Ford in the community

Ford in the Community
While demonstrating the processes involved in manufacturing a car, it is also important to recognize the affiliation the company has with the community, from the corporate sponsorship and citizenship responsibilities to the relationship with you, the vehicle and your family. read more

The Future

The Future

Over one hundred years ago Henry Ford created the Model T, one of this century’s engineering design classics. In celebration of 100 years Ford issued a challenge for students around the worked to design a model T for the 21st century. read more