The Ford Discovery Centre is dedicated to Conserving Automotive Heritage and ensuring we foster the care and research of Ford in Australia’s heritage and material culture.

Are you seeking specific Information?

While the Ford Discovery Centre speak and give tours on the history of Ford in Australia it does not possess the resources of a database or archival material other than that on show in the exhibits. Any vehicle or historic requests need to be forward to Ford Customer Relations Centre (FCRC).

Ford Customer Relationship Centre
Phone: 133673
Fax: 03 9929 3175
Email: customers@fordcrc.com.au

We also encourage you to contact relevant Ford Car Clubs which will shortly be listed on our updated website.



Ford Australia Milestones

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The Ford Falcon

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A Breif History of Ford Australia

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Ford Archives

The Ford Archives are a huge collection of artifacts, documents and memories of the Ford Motor Company’s 80 odd year history in Australia.  read more