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VELS Curriculum from Prep to Year 10 & VCE Business Management Units 3&4


Our education program consists of many enjoyable and educational activities. Students learn about a variety of subjects from how cars work, to the impact they make on the environment. The history of Ford in Australia, and the artistic design of cars are a focus point in our activities and tours. On tour students can also learn about vehicle safety technology and alternative fuels. Visits can be catered and focused to the curriculum topic as requested by the teacher.




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For groups of 15 or more students the entry price includes a guided tour highlighting the advances in vehicle design and technology over the years. The design process showing the clay modelling studio, and assembly processes are explained highlighting the process changes in OH&S awareness. Vehicle safety, and future engine technology is also discussed. Allow approximately 75 -90 minutes for the standard guided tour, which will also allow some free time for the students to self explore the interactive exhibits.


By prior arrangement the following general educational group activities are also available, and indicative time allowances are shown for each activity. Depending on your time limitations, one or more of these activities can be added to the guided tour, or the guided tour can be tailored to include activities within a shorter time allowance.

Please discuss your requirements with the Program Coordinator so we can tailor a program to meet your needs.


  • Lego Design (20 – 30 minutes) -Students discuss in groups what type of car they are going to design; they plan the specifications, and then build it out of Lego. As the students finish building their car they then talk about it and try and sell their design to the rest of the class. (VELS Level 1-4)


  • Lego Production Line (30 minutes) - Students are arranged into four teams with four stations, each person has a set job to do on the construction of the Lego car before passing it on to the next station.  By the end of the activity each team will have produced 2 cars in a simulation of the production line. (VELS Level 3-4)

  • Clay Design (30 minutes) - ($1:50 per student additional charge for materials) Students are introduced to the design processes of the automotive industry, they are then asked to design and draw a car of the future.  Once students have drawn their designs they may then attempt to make it out of Clay. Students will be able to take their models home. (VELS Level 1-5)

  • Car Mural (20 – 30 minutes)  - Students build a car out of recycled materials using their imagination to see what design they can come up with. After they build it they can become part of the museum and add their design to our community mural, or take it home. (VELS Level 1-4)

  • Become a Ford Expert Activity (15 – 30 minutes)After the conducted tour, the students can complete a self guided “knowledge search” on the exhibits in the museum. Once completed, the “Genuine Ford Expert” certificate is given an official stamp, and the student takes the certificate home. (VELS Level 1-5)


Also available by prior arrangement at an additional cost of $1.00 per student are the following PowerPoint lead discussions in the theatrette. Approximate time allowances are indicated for each topic, and again a specific package of guided tour and educational topic below can be tailored to suit your classroom needs and time allowances.

Please discuss your specific requirements with the Program Coordinator when making a booking enquiry.


  • Ford & Geelong (20 – 30 minutes) :- A look back at when Ford Australia was formed, and why Geelong was selected. We’ll show the Geelong plant being built, and the early years of production in Geelong. Fast forward to today, and what facilities are there in Geelong and region – highlighting the massive investment over the years. (VELS level 1 -6)


  • Ford and Design (30 – 40 minutes) :- discussion the definition of design. Is it just about providing aesthetic appeal, or does the designer have to consider competitive pressures, production feasibility, cost, etc. How does the designer decide what features are important, essential, or arbitrary. (VELS level 3 -6)


  • Ford Invention & Innovation (30 – 40 minutes) :- discussion on differences between invention and innovation, what patents are and why they are important. We’ll show some of Henry Ford’s early patents, some relating to the car industry – others that don’t. We’ll also discuss some ideas which went wrong but which yielded a better idea. (VELS level 3 -6)


  • Alternative Fuels for Transportation (30 – 40 minutes) :- We’ll discuss fuels for vehicles we are familiar with and some of the newer energy sources becoming available today. We’ll look at the pros and cons of solar and hydrogen fuels for future vehicles and the career opportunities they offer. The discussion will show that fuel economy relies on a combination of many factors – not a single solution. (VELS level 3 -6)


  • How cars Work (20 – 30 minutes) :- Explaining the key systems and components in a vehicle, where to find them, what their main function is and how they are designed.  (VELS level 3 -6)


  • ISO International Standards Organisation (10 – 15 minutes) :- a short discussion on what ISO is, how it was started and the benefits of such an organisation. Overview of ISO 9000 and 14000. (VELS level 3 -6)


  • Industry & Enterprise (35 – 45 minutes) :- Discussing organisational structures and why they are necessary, and relating them to examples in daily life. An overview of Human Resource functions, and the importance of communication in work and daily life. The discussion touches on Occupational Health & Safety, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, and general industry challenges as the market place changes. (VCE business management unit 4 – managing people and change)


  • Operations Management (35 – 45 minutes) :- Covers much of the same ground as Industry & Enterprise, but with a deeper focus on strategy and planning within the overall processes to support a corporate goal. Deeper discussion on the manufacturing and quality processes, and the management of change and how organisation structures need to be flexible to cope with changing circumstances. (VCE business management unit 3 – corporate management)


  • Human Resources at Ford (35 – 45 minutes) :- Again uses the Industry & Enterprise presentation as a basis, but with deeper focus on the role of Human Relations in ensuring an organisation has the right skills at the right time to do the job. Career progression within and across the trade and salary workforce, training of the workforce, OH&S and EBA involvement. (VCE business management unit 4 – managing people and change)



The Ford Discovery Centre for a school outing was a fun, educational and interactive experience the students enjoyed.


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