q Why is the Centre closing?

a Click here to see announcement


q What’s happening to the exhibits and vehicles?

aCars loaned for exhibtion will be returned to their owners after July 29th . Items donated will continue to be managed by the Trust as an independent Deductible Gift Recipient. The Trust is governed by it Rules of Association and Policies highlighting the preservation of the collection and showcasing it in like institiutions of the Trust.


q Will any of the collection be available to buy?

a No! We are guided by the Deed of the Trust which purpose is the operation and administration of a public museum and under its Articles of Association act for public charitable purposes. Upon termination if the Deed has become impractiable the Trustee shall at its discretion distribute to such funds , authorities and institutions in each case being eligible for Tax Deductabilty Assessment Act 1997.


q I have booked a tour or event, what will happen?

aWe will be contacting all affected people and businesses in coming week to discuss each circumstance.


qCan I arrange a tour of the Ford Factories?
aYou may be aware that we previously conducted plant tours though they are currently no longer taking place.


qNo plant tours, what then can we do?
aWithout the factory Tours of the Geelong Engine and Stamping Plants or Broadmeadows production line available, the Ford Discovery Centre is able to convey the information through it’s tailored interactive tours and education program.

While we understand it is not a tour through the plant the Centre has many simulated and exhibit examples of the production process that will give an insight into Ford’s operations. For more information please contact our Public Programs Coordinator

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qWhy don’t you have all Ford models on display?
aWe like to keep our exhibition fresh so return visitors to the centre have a new experience. We try to keep a good cross section of Ford vehicles on display across all area and from various countries.

In addition, some displays change monthly and we have an ever changing selection of vehicles of from private owners and enthusiasts.

With over 100 years of heritage and nearly 80 years in Australia alone, it is impossible to source and display every vehicle at one time.


qCan I find out more information on my Ford?
aAll enquiries for Ford vehicle information current and historic are to be directed to Ford Customer Relations Centre.

While the Ford Discovery Centre speak and give tours on the history of Ford in Australia it does not possess the resources of a database or archival material other than that on show in the exhibits. Any vehicle or historic requests need to be forward to Ford Customer Relations Centre (FCRC) where your query may be investigated.

Ford Customer Relationship Centre
Phone: 133673
Fax: 03 9929 3175
Email: customers@fordcrc.com.au


qHow can I display my vehicle at the Ford Discovery Centre?
aWith announced closure of the Centre we are no longer accepting any loans


qCan I book a group tour of the Centre on a weekend?
aThe Centre is a self-guided museum and all groups are required to book to gain advantage of group rates.
Should you wish for a guided tour on a weekend they are available on request for groups of up to 25. An additional rate will apply on weekends for Guided tours. Self-guided tours on a weekend are at normal agreed group rate.
Bookings are required and group discounts are available. For more information visit our Visitor Info Page


qWhy is there an admission charge?
aThe Centre is a not for profit historical Trust. Admission charges are applied to help cover the running costs of the Centre.


qCan I hold a function or an event at the centre?
aYes, the Ford Discovery Centre is an ideal place for a function, we have had community social gatherings, and corporate events. Whether you are a corporation, car club, social club or community group the Ford Discovery Centre offers a truly unique experience.  We even have a board room – see our Events and Functions section for more information.


qHow long does a group tour take?
aA guided tour takes about an hour and a half but can be shortened upon requests if there are time constraints, and tailored to meet your needs