2012 School holidays

School Holidays Term 2 30th June – 15th July

You  are invited to join the Ford Discovery Centre to explore the fascinating world of cars.

Enjoy the wide range of other activities in the Centre during School Holidays.

Under the guidance of parents, children can play and learn with a wide range of self guided activities.

  • Competitions
  • Interactive displays
  • Wooden billy car kits.

Build a car;

Using your imagination what design can you come up with? Build it out of recycled materials, become part of the museum and add your design to our community mural, or take it home.

Become a Ford Expert

Enjoy our new activity and become a Ford Expert and take home your own certificate.

These activities and much more to see and explore.


Come along and join in the fun!

Each child will receive a free Ford fluffy memento sticker on departure.